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Elaine and Kurt are doing sober October……haha

No seriously, they are!

Elaine and Kurt are doing sober October. Yes it’s true 🙈🙈🙈. The night terrors, bed wetting and cold sweats have already started. Everyone knows we like a beer and probably don’t believe we are doing it. Anyway this normally comes with a fundraiser, but our friend and families do enough of that, so I’m asking instead if everyone of our friends and everyone who follow Lauren’s Legacy, could share and get us at least one extra like each. The aim is 3000. We are 1000 short Why ?? Increasing our audience, increases the amount of people we reach and in turn, increases awareness. So please invite all your friends to like with the push of a button ❤️❤️❤️Our last drink will be to raise a glass at The Tav tomorrow after the funeral of a great Heage character, Ted ❤️Thank you everyone.

Stephen Large Cycling to Edinburgh for Lauren’s Legacy

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He’s done it. ❤️❤️❤️. Congratulations to Steve and Dave for a brilliant effort over the last week. Enjoy yourselves over the next couple of days in Scotland. Lauren would have loved to have been with you and we are all extremely proud and emotional. Safe return trip to everyone up in Edinburgh ❤️❤️

Keith Buzzard 30 day 3000 challenge for Lauren’s Legacy.

The 30 day 3000 challenge will start on sat 5th September and will run for 30 days finishing on sun 4th Oct completing the following.50 mile row,2684 meters per day 100mile running,3.4 miles a day 300mile bike,10 miles per day 2550 press ups,85 per day 3×20 + 1×25 50+100+300+2550=3000The rules are if I miss a day it as to be made up in the final week only. All exercises will be done and published daily And the charity this year again will be Lauren’s legacy which we all know about and love. I understand the COVID will have a impact on donations but every little will help in this challenge as I feel it’s gonna be really hard.

Donate and check Keiths progress here.

So glad I’m a member at this place I couldn’t imagine any other gym around here opening up when there closed on a red hot Sunday afternoon just so I can complete my day’s challenge 💯 supportive of absolutely everyone #laurenslegacy #gymfit

Posted by Keith Buzzard on Sunday, September 13, 2020
GymFit, Keith’s gym of choice for the challenge,

Posted by Keith Buzzard on Monday, September 21, 2020
WARNING ADULT CONTENT……..Swearing and grown man in a pink TUTU